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quality materials and 100% Italian craftsmanship with internationally inspired technology and design. In its forty years of activity, Alfa 1977 has sold over 500, 000 ovens in 100 countries, remaining true to our commitment to making our quality products available to everyone. Alfa 1977 is the corporate brand under which four brands were created to meet every customer need: Alfa Ref embodies and represents tradition; Alfa Pizza sparks the pizza oven revolution; Alfa Pro applies the ForninoxTM technology to the restaurant industry and Alfa Living develops the new and classy line of home products. Thanks to our artisans, our know-how is recognized all over the world ever since the 80’s when our best seller was a refractory stove called ‘Fornacella’.
40 years of success, great performances, innovations and items that have become must-have devices for homes all over the world and are still synonymous with reliability and state-of-the art technology.
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